Catalog Models

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Like many other shoots, catalog jobs can be held in a studio or on location. If a client shoots consistently throughout the year, they may have an in-house studio and production team. Because outdoor shots are popular in catalogs, some clients travel to another state or abroad to get the appropriate setting and weather conditions.

A model’s job is to emphasise the clothing or product while making it look natural. For example, you may be asked to use kitchen or gardening appliances, or pretend to be socialising with friends. But, for clothing, the movement is fluid and continuous. The most common facial expression seen in catalogs is a smile. However, when a model needs to be serious, it is usually done with a soft, pleasant look. Although the photographer and art director will give you direction, you will be expected to have a ‘flow’; making subtle adjustments to your poses. A slight move of your hand, a tilt of the head, or a change of facial expression will give the client a variety of shots to choose from. Furthermore, if you are able to do this quickly and efficiently, you’ve just increased the chances of the client wanting you back.

Catalog models are considered to be commercial models, which means models need to look more like “real people” than editorial models. They do need to possess a few basic physical attributes, such as glowing skin, healthy hair, and a killer smile, but instead of falling into the physical requirements of fashion models, they instead have to have a look that appeals to the client’s target audience.

With the internet boom, catalog models are in demand, more than ever before. They set new fashion trends in Print catalogs and are also taking over the digital world by storm. Catalog models are required to look more like real people, to catch the attention of the client's diverse audience. Their purpose is to attract customers to purchase products or avail their services, using catchy visuals and well-written content. So they don’t really adhere to the stringent requirements of fashion models. However, they do need to have a striking personality, the right attitude, healthy skin and hair, and a million-watt smile. Depending on the catalog, the client sets his/ her requirement for short, tall, young, old, thin or plus-size models of diverse ethnicities.

Catalog Models