Brand Ambassadors & Influencers Jobs

Get highly paid jobs and temporary assignments as Brand Ambassador & Influencer to grow brand awareness, brand preference, brand loyalty, profitable sales, customer base, online presence, social media marketing effectiveness, email marketing, event marketing, influencer marketing, and affiliate marketing of wide range of more than 10000 products in India and in more than 500 cities in International markets.

Main Job description:

  1. Create mass awareness for brand, company, product, and top management at marketing events, social media, hashtag campaigns, online trade portals, associations, trade fairs, expositions, and forums.

  2. Generate brand preference and brand loyalty in new and existing customers.

  3. Enhance emotional connect & positioning of brand, company, products, and top management. 

  4. Represent companies at specific events and communication.

  5. Promoting the brand via company or personal social media accounts


Zjell offers low cost marketing talent management, online marketing, event staffing, and promotional modelling agency services in India and in International markets.

Brand Ambassadors are hired to promote a brand, product, company, service  event, mission and ideas. The appeal of the Brand Ambassador is considered to be more effective in the common people. Many private & government companies and professional service providers spend significant share of marketing budgets on brand ambassadors or celebrity endorsement.

Many fast growing companies hire brand ambassadors and influencers to attract attention of the potential customers to their brand, products, companies, and top management on wide range of social media platforms and online forums. 

Job Titles of Brand Ambassadors

  • Brand Ambassador

  • Social Media Executive

  • Social Media Expert

  • Brand promo models

  • Social Media Brand Ambassadors

  • Email marketing executive

  • Event Models

  • Event Hostesses

  • Brand Blogger

  • Social Media PR Officer

  • Social Media Content Writer

  • Social Media Posts Developer

  • Social Media Associate

  • Social Media Marketing Executive

  • Online Brand Promotion Executive

  • Digital Branding Executive

  • Digital Marketing Executive

  • Social Media & Content Strategist

  • Social Media Manager

  • Social Media Director

  • Social Media Lead Generator

  • Instagram Influencer Model

  • Facebook Marketing Executile

  • LinkedIn Marketing Executive 

  • Blogger & Vloger

  • YouTube Marketing Executive

  • Google Business Marketing Executive

  • Affiliate Marketing Executive

Skills & Qualifications

  • Excellent communication, networking and people skills.

  • Exemplary hospitality skills (passionate, friendly, empathetic, going above and beyond for that wow factor.

  • Well-connected in the social media world with an interest in marketing

  • Impeccable attention to detail and organization

  • Enthusiastic, bright personality

  • High learning attitude.

  • Ready to learn and get training in wide range of more than 10000 products

Main Services & Job Description

  • Act as the main interface in marketing & advertising programs.

  • Build customer relationships and earn the loyalty and trust of every customer.

  • Work & collaborate with Marketing & Advertising teams to develop brand strategies, positioning, programs, and advertising campaigns.

  • Assist the Marketing teams in the promotional execution of various brand awareness projects.

  • Representing the brand at sponsored events and posting content on personal social media channels.

  • Provide excellent customer service to every customer.

  • Maintain a professional behaviour at all times.

  • Lead generation, develop professional lead generation techniques, submit leads to online database.

  • Develop high quality post, online display poster, or infographics about company, brand, products, or services.

  • Posting high quality post, online display poster, or infographics online on social media and forums monthly basis.

  • Participation in trade shows, events, seminars, conferences as a spokesperson or booth hosting.

  • Networking and customer relationship building with potential customers.

  • Blogging: write blogs & articles, post blogs on website and social media.

  • Vlog (Video logs): video shoot & videography and post on website and social media.

  • Product models photography, ecommerce product photography.

  • Track customers’ preferences and suggest advertising and positioning ideas.

  • Customer service & communication, provide feedback to the Marketing and Product departments regarding customers requests.

  • Customer care, communication, customer complaints feedback, and relationship building. 

  • Customer entertainment, gifting, customer dinners / lunch hosting, and relationship enhancement.

Advantages & Benefits of Brand Ambassadors, Influencers, and Affiliate Marketers

  1. Influencer marketing & affiliate marketing are more efficient advertising and marketing techniques in modern high tech business environment. 

  2. Brand ambassadors and influencers can help raise brand awareness, drive website traffic, generate sales.

  3. Practical experience in the execution of digital programs.

  4. Individuals with a strong online presence & large social media followers base.

  5. Highly relevant to products, company, and customers with good product knowledge.

  6. Professional and high quality social media posts.

  7. Professional brand communication & spokesperson

  8. Solid social media presence on multiple platforms

  9. Outstanding communication skills, both written and verbal in writing blogs, newsletters, product reviews, anchoring, and event marketing. 

  10. Flexible Working Hours with Part-time & Full Time options

  11. Flexible payment options including retainer fee or commission basis

  12. Brand ambassador will also represent her company at specific events, where she may perform product demonstrations or give away sample products.

  13. Brand ambassadors are extroverts, open minded, pleasant, presentable, enthusiastic, outgoing individual with good communication skills and a considerable social media presence with a medium to large sized network.

  14. Word-of-mouth marketing techniques, increased referrals to followers and friends

  15. Our brand ambassadors are opinion leaders in their communities and skilled in providing feedback and insight on new products or services.

  16. Enhanced product knowledge and information potential customers

  17. Improved tracking of customer preferences and feedback 

  18. Enhanced customer engagements on social media

  19. Improved effectiveness of trade fair & marketing event participation

  20. Improved feedback to the Marketing and Product departments regarding customers preferences

  21. Build brand recognition, New Product Promotion, Brand Awareness, Customer Engagement, Marketing Feedback, Increased Sales, Increased customer satisfaction

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