Become Sales Rep

Earn more by taking extra advantage of your location, language, skills, ideas, knowledge, relationships, or experience. Become Sales Rep & Scout at Zjell in top largest 500 cities in India & International export markets in Asia, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Latin America, CIS, Central Asia, and in USA.

Who is a Sales Rep ?

Sales Rep is independent Sales Resource helping in creating strong Market Intelligence, collect customer details, market information, sell products, sell services, provide customer service, enhance customer intimacy, promote brand, sell online, do affiliate marketing in cities of his / her own residence.


Sales Reps provide customer & market information services in remote locations & cities where your potential customers are based and help enhancing:

Customer Information

  • Contact Details of the Customers

  • Top management details

  • Decision makers details

  • Buyer Details

  • End User details

  • Distributors details

Product Information

Price Information

  • Local wholesale Prices

  • Distributor / Dealer Prices

  • Retail Prices

  • MRPs & Discounts details

Customer Service​